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Woibex 26th International Women Leaders Congress

Exciting Announcement: Woibex 26th International Women Leaders Congress, an Intellivent Customer!

We are thrilled to share some extraordinary news with our community! Intellivent is honored to announce its collaboration with the prestigious Woibex 26th International Women Leaders Congress

About Woibex: Elevating Women Leaders Worldwide

The Woibex event, organized by Datamatix in association with global partners, is a beacon of empowerment for women leaders. Set against the backdrop of the International Women’s Day celebration, this congress brings together remarkable women role models, leaders, and officials from across the globe.

Recognition and Success: Woibex’s Global Impact

After a triumphant Silver Jubilee Celebration, where global women leaders gathered to celebrate best practices and achievements, Woibex continues to shine. Notably, the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute honored Ms. Maye Musk with the prestigious “Women of the Year” and “Lifetime Achievement Award-2023.”

The 26th International Women Leaders Congress: Shaping the Future

Scheduled for March 6-8, 2024, in Dubai-UAE, this congress is a global platform fostering the evolution of women leaders into role models. It aims to empower the next generation, support young women leaders, and fortify the competitiveness of women role models in the era of global changes.

Global Vision: Year of Women Leaders as Role Models

Woibex’s global vision aligns with the theme “Year of Women Leaders as Role Models.” It focuses on identifying leadership models, empowering them to transition into role models, and highlighting their contributions to government, private sector institutions, media, and international organizations

Why This Matters to Us: Intellivent’s Commitment to Empowerment

As an event management and automation leader, Intellivent is proud to support initiatives that celebrate and empower women leaders globally. Our commitment extends beyond technology to contributing to the success of events that champion diversity, excellence, and leadership.

Join Us at Woibex 2024!

We invite you to be part of this transformative event! Explore the best practices, achievements, and insights shared by women leaders from diverse sectors. Mark your calendars for March 6-8, 2024, and join the global conversation on empowering women leaders.

Learn More: https://www.woibex.com/

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